Testimonials ForThe Lucido Global Team

Bought a home in 2015 in Webb, Johns Creek, GA 30005.

Gina is the best! As a first time homebuyer we have Zero knowledge in everything, and that we fear on so many things! We feared making offers on a house because we might spend too much versus its real value, or that the house might have a lot of hidden issues that we may not see. Gina has helped us every step of the way. We have relied on her in almost every thing. She answered all our questions, provided us more information so we’ll feel safe and secure in our decisions. She will not recommend a house that is not in good condition or is priced too much. I remember we went to a house and she told me “C’mon Anna, Let’s go and see the next house.” I was surprised because we have not toured the entire house yet so I asked why. She said, ” ‘coz you will not buy this house.” Then she pointed one by one why the house we were looking at is in a bad shape and that it is priced too much! At that moment I told myself, I am going to love this realtor! She is also very good in negotiating. I am so proud to say we got a very very good deal in our First home. Our first time homebuying experience has been very pleasant and easy because of Gina.